The Kite Runner: Study Questions

Today in class you should have read up to chapter 4. Answer the following questions on your blog:

The Kite Runner: Study Guide Questions


Chapters One-Four

1)       Compare and contrast Amir and Hassan, noting their backgrounds, how each boy interacts with his father, and the circumstances surrounding their birth.

2)       Discuss the origins of the ongoing conflict between Pashtuns and Hazaras. What effect might this have on Amir and Hassan’s relationship?

3)       How does Amir feel about Baba? Examine information about Baba, and discuss how Amir and Baba’s differences affect their relationship.

4)       What does Baba say is the only sin? Explain his theory and whether Amir is able to understand it.

5)       Examine Baba and Ali’s relationship. How is Amir’s relationship similar to theirs? What impact do their ethnic backgrounds have on these relationships?

6)       Discuss the significance of Hassan’s favourite book, the Shahnamah?

7)       Assess the role Rahim Khan plays in Amir’s early life.

These are the questions to be answered during holidays:JUNE 3rd

Chapters Five-Seven

*Choose FIVE questions


1)       Discus the closing statement in Chapter Four, “Because suddenly Afghanistan changed forever” (34) How do Amir, Hassan, Ali, and Baba initially react to this change, and what is its significance?

2)       Explain why winter is Amir’s favourite season.

3)       List several instances in this section in which Amir envies Hassan. In each case, is Amir’s jealous justified or not?

4)       Analyze the metaphor comparing Amir and Hassan’s interaction to the game of  “insect torture.” What is the “other face” Amir sees when he asks Hassan if he would eat dirt for him?

5)       What emotions does Amir experience before the kite tournament? What is Hassan’s response? Refer to the simile “I felt like a soldier trying to sleep in the trenches the night before a major battle” (50)

6)       Discuss the aftermath of the kite-fighting tournament, and assess Amir’s initial reaction to Assef’s attack on Hassan. Why does Amir decide not to help Hassan?

7)       Explain the symbolism of the memories and the dream Amir recalls as Hassan is attacked.

8)       Why does Amir compare Hassan to the lamb he saw sacrificed on Eid-Al-Adha?

9)       Do you think Hassn knows that Amir witnessed the rape? Explain. What does Amir’s behaviour in the aftermath of the rape indicate about him?

Chapters Eight to Ten

 *Choose 4 questions

1)       Discuss Amir’s trip to Jalalbad with his father, contrasting his expectations with the reality. Why does Amir feel as “empty as (the) unkempt pool”?

2)       Discuss the symbolism of the scene in which Amir throws pomegranates at Hassan. Why does Amir want Hassan to hit him, and why do you think Hassan refuses?

3)       Assess what Assef’s interactions with his parents, Amir, Baba, and Hassan at the party reveal about him? What is the significance of the gift he gives Amir?

4)       Examine the implications of Rahim Khan’s conversation with Amir at his birthday party? Why is Rahim’s gift important to him?

5)       What do Ali and Hassan give Amir for his birthday? How does Amir react to this gift?

6)       How does Baba react to Ali and Hassan’s decision to leave? What do you think Baba thinks is their reason for leaving? Why do you think Amir is not moved enough to tell the truth or try to stop them from leaving?

7)       Describe the incident at the first checkpoint. What does it reveal about Baba and Amir?

8)       What is ironic about the fate that has befallen Kamal since the last time Amir saw him? What is ironic about Baba’s attempt to console Kamal’s father after Kamal dies?


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