Homework: The Individual Oral (Sept 13th)

Choose one of these photographs. Read the caption and examine the picture carefully.

1. Describe what you see in a sentence or two and link it to the option science and technology.

2. Read the caption and prepare your ideas.

3. Think of an English-speaking country.

4. Reflect on the photograph. What do you think?

5. Plan your presentation. It should:

  • last 3-4 minutes
  • be within the context of the option referred to.
  • must not be memorized
  • include examples or justifications

6. During your presentation you should:

  • Use no more than 10 brief points as talking notes.


1. The Shadow Robot company’s hand robot has 40 air muscles and is capable of 24 movements, making it the world’s most advanced robot hand. It can even hold an apple without bruising it. What else are today’s robots up to? (Labra)


2.This robot arm is welding bridge components at the Mabey Bridge factory in Gloucester, England. The bridges under construction are being sent to flood-ravaged areas of Pakistan. (Macchiavello)


3. Another robotic mover and shaker is the bomb-seeker. Here, U.S. Army Specialist Nathaniel Anselmo repairs a robot called Talon before departing on a route clearance mission in Khakrez, Afghanistan. The robot’s job is to seek out improvised explosive devices (IEDs). (Gastó)




4. Robots can also have a softer side. My Baby 2, a simulated childcare robot, was created by a former NASA engineer and reacts when treated badly. It can be used in childcare training and instruction. (Urzua)


5.Teaching robots can be highly specialized. Here, a dentist operates on a humanoid dental patient robot named Hanako Showa during a demonstration of dental treatment in Tokyo, Japan. The robot simulates real human patients and is used to train dentists. (Park)


6.While medical robots are designed to be sterile and efficient, others can exhibit a more human touch. Here, visitors view the Intelligent Service Robot of Shanghai Expo mascot Hai Bao. The robot was designed by Zhejiang University. (Barriga)


7.At the other end of the spectrum, robots can take care of things humans would rather not touch. A DustCart robot, a prototype of a sweeping and cleaning robot, collects domestic garbage on demand in Livorno, Italy. It was designed at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa (Jeria)


8.Mobile robots like this one are used in everything from space exploration to landmine detection. (Reynolds)


9.Robots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and lifelike. (Oporto)


10.Robots take to the playing field. (Nuñez)


11.The Robotic Chef can apply a variety of cooking techniques to food items that already exist, such as a piece of fruit or a steak. (Rodriguez)


12.ASIMO is meant to be a helper robot. Sensors let ASIMO work in a dynamic setting. It has floor surface sensors in its feet and multiple ultrasonic sensors in its midsection, which enhance ASIMO’s ability to interact with its environment by detecting nearby objects and comparing their locations with area maps stored in ASIMO’s memory. (Ugarte)


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