Into the Future

Predict developments within the next 25 years for each of the areas listed below.


1. Urbanisation

2. Information technology

3. Communications

4. Globalization

5. Transport

6. Food production

7. Transplant surgery

8. Robotics

9. Control of disease

10. Genetic engineering

Post your views below!


All of the following statements are true except one. Which statement is false

  • The word “robot” was invented by Karel Capek, a Czechoslovakian playwright, in 1921.

• Geostationary communications satellites were first proposed by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke in 1945.

• Author Philip K. Dick included the first computer touch screens in his short story “Minority Report” in 1956.

• Flip phones were inspired by the Gene Roddenberry TV series Star Trek.

• After reading about an Invisibility Cloak in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Department of Defense researchers developed invisibility uniforms for the United States Army.


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9 thoughts on “Into the Future

  1. 1. Urbanisation: Cities are going to grow and people living in the countryside are going to become even more scarce. Density will grow and most cities will be over-populated.
    2. Information technology: Probably everyone would have a phone or electronic device with which we would be able to communicate and stay connected all day long. New devices would be created and the ones we already have are going to be cheaper, smaller, faster, etc.
    7. Transplant surgery: New methods and instrument are the way to go. It is most likely that, as population will increase, the wait time for organs will be shorter and lists are going to be less saturated. Furthermore, stem cells will help with transplants and we are going to be abel to create organs and tissues from these types of cell.
    8. Robotics: Robots are going to become even more human-like and will have the ability to think and solve basic problems that are not necessarily based on algorithms or simple patterns.

  2. 1. Urbanisation: cities will be much bigger, and the density of them will be outrageous. It will be almost impossible to live there with comfort, so rich people will start emigrating to the country.

    5. Transport: we will fly, just like in an airplane, but with our cars.

    7. Transplant surgery: there will be the possibility to create organs based on stem cells.

    8. Robotics: robots will be inserted in our everyday life, and they will probably do the chores that we don’t like to do.

    9. Control of disease: pharmaceutical companies will create diseases and will affect everyone, just to win more money.

  3. 3. Communications: I believe in the future we will be able to communicate anywhere in the world and have 3D calls as something normal. Maybe an approach to what we could see in Star Wars with the holograms.

    5. Transport: I’m completely sure in the future we are going to have hybrid cars, being able to fly or to navigate. Nowadays we have already attempted to create machines like these.

    8. Robotics: As many Hollywood films have already shown, robots will have a greater impact in our society. I believe a great amount of works that are now developed by humans will be replaced by robots.

    9. Control of disease: I don’t believe science will ever be able to eliminate every disease as they evolve, and also there are new diseases created. I think new devastating diseases will rise, just as nowadays and just like in the past.

  4. 3. Communications: In about 25 years, communications will be so improve that we will be able to send objects through the internet. By 3D printers, we will be able to print messages, objects, food, etc. Video chat will be part of the past, and we will be sending and receiving objects.
    4. Globalization: Internet will be faster, safer, bigger. We will begin to form one big community, leaving discrimination at a side and creating a new globalizated culture.
    5. Transport: Airplanes will be forgotten, and massive subways travelling below the sea, reaching in around 45 minutes from New York to Paris. Cars will be faster and safer, with automatised driving systems.
    8. Robotics: The robot industry will be so improve, that they will be part of our society. They will accomplish more complicated tasks, and be more efficient than in the present. Their movability will be improved and be more humanlike than in our today’s society.

  5. 6-. I think in the future food production will be more mechanized; robots will take care of the tasks that humans used to do such as harvest the food or even transportation of those products to the markets, where we will have a constant food supply. Maybe in the future food will be genetically modified for as to produce huge amounts of food with only using small amount of resources.

    3-. I believe in the future we will have a 100% globalized world, being able to interact with people all over the world in just seconds, helping business industries or even family interactions.

    5-. Massive Transportation, I believe, will be much more effective than today. There will be flying cars and fast flying buses.

    7-. I think transplant surgeries will be much more effective and lest risky. People will get transplanted their own pre constructed organs from steam cells.

  6. 1. Urbanisation

    Cities will be smaller, people will live outside cities and they will use the new fast transport system to travel to their works in the cities

    5. Transport

    There will be fast and massive transport system

    6. Food production

    Genetic engineering will raise the food production of wealthy countries

    7. Transplant surgery

    We will use stem cells to produce new organs

  7. In 25 years. lots of things ca be created, I think the most visible changes will be in transportation, where amazing cars will be created, where most of them will based on electricity, maybe flying cars, busses or motorcycles, and even different highways compared to the ones we know nowadays, making our transportation faster and easier.
    In robotics, robots that will be able to do much things, that in a short time they would be able to replace humans in certain chores, like cleaning, cooking, among others making unemployment higher and the life of the owner of the robot easier.
    Communications will be affected too, among lots of cellphones and devices that are being created, our society will be based on these devices, and not based on face to face interactions and real relationships.
    Finally, urbanisation will be affected with new buildings, highways, houses. These buildings will be based in technology, with eye scanners to enter, replacing people too.

  8. Communication / Robotics / Control of disease / Transport

    In 2038, using advanced internet technology, every communication will be instant. Lots of people will use their electronic devices similar to cell phones to send their video messages to others. At the same time. robots will replace humans in many places. I believe that robots will be more efficient and skillful than humans at workplaces that require physical abilities. Many diseases that are unable to cure nowadays will be treated in 2038. Many doctors of 2038 will use new medical robots to assist their surgeries, and complex treatments will be much more simple than nowadays. Finally, I think that in 2038 everyone will be able to go to space and visit other planets with newly developed rockets, and new jet engines will make long-distance trips much easier than nowadays.

  9. I think that in the next 25 years, transport will reach a point were people will be able to reach long distances in just a few minutes. I do not say that portals will be create, but maybe trains 10 times faster than bullet trains, vary fast airplanes, and also spaceships fast enough for the human to reach without problems every corner of our galaxy.

    I think that globalization will be even bigger than before, maybe cultural identity and national identity will be graduately being lost, for the idea of a higher ideal, that will be planet earth, and we will see ourselves more as equals.

    Robotics, will progress to a point were they will play a huge roll in every nations industry, they will also aloud humans to reach and accomplish goals that were almost impossible before. Robots will help humans in their daily tasks and will simplify human life.

    Due to the problem of high urbanization and the increasing population, their will be a problem of a increasingly high demand of food, that will trigger technologies and investigations to solve the problem, although the food production problem will cause many riots and tensions in our society.

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