Not My Alma Matter, A Vitriolic Prologue

Pretty in Punk_Cover_art

Look at the second diary entry and choose the correct answer:

c. “parody” (line 99) is similar in meaning to:

a. imitation    b.  mockery      c. irony   d. caricature

d. Becoming punk was for LeBlanc:

a. a way to prove herself

b. a way to stand out

c. a way to control her life

d. a way to realize herself

e. “myopic” (line 114) is closest in meaning to:

a. shortsighted      b. prejudiced       c. narrow-minded     d. broad-minded

3. Answer the following questions:

a.”I’m ugly on purpose” (line 139). Hoe does this differ from being ugly according to Le Blanc?

b. “no one ever asked me” (line 146). What wasn’t Le Blanc asked about?

c. What is Le Blanc still upset about?

d. “dying (dyeing?) to tell people what was on my mind” (lines 165-166). What is the significance of the use of the words “dying” and “dyeing”?



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